Dec 8-14 Book Of The Week: After The Winter

Sometimes, we find a book that is truly hard to put down. ‘After The Winter’ – a unique Post-Apocalyptic novel about one man’s desperate attempt to get back home – by Mark R. Healy is one such book.

By: Mark R. Healy


The Earth is in ruins. Cities and nations destroyed. Those who survive the onslaught succumb to the cold blackness of winter. The few machines finally emerge into the light, lost and directionless, are the last remnants of civilisation.

Brant is a synthetic – a machine who has the appearance and emotions of the humans who made him. He is hunted across the wasteland by cruel scavengers known as Marauders who are intent on cannibalising his body to prolong their own lives.

Brant carries a great burden as he tries to return home: a secret that can change the world. He needs to find a way back at any cost.

Our View:

Healy’s writing brings to mind Joe Haldeman at his world-weary best. However, this Apocalyptic novel is one of hope not resigned acceptance.

Engaging characters, such as the narrator, Brant, and the robot ‘Clanks’, Max, will ensure you are completely immersed in the ruined world Healy has created.

A thrilling debut and a writer to watch.

Book Type: Apocalyptic, Science Fiction

$2.99/£1.97 (can change at any time)



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