Feb 3 – Feb 10 Book of the Week: Diamond Tide

Our latest ‘Book of the Week’ is hard Science Fiction in the Greg Bear/Greg Egan vein that manages to combine a strong basis in Science with compelling characters and story line.



By: George Applegate


A plague of tiny machines, each smaller than a grain of sand, is on its way to eradicating all life on Earth.

These intricate nanomachines manufacture copies of themselves — an artificial life form. As they proliferate across Earth’s oceans, they drain the water and air of carbon dioxide, without which neither marine life nor land plants can survive. Left unchecked, Earth will be rendered uninhabitable.

No laboratory admits to creating this menace. No organisation takes responsibility. Tracking down its creator may be man’s only hope of stopping it.

Our View:

If you enjoyed Greg Bear’s ‘Blood Music’ or, more pertinently, ‘Slant’ or are the kind of Science Fiction fan that likes to be challenged as well as entertained, ‘Diamond Tide’ delivers the goods.

The Science is accurate, the plot compelling and the outcome terrifying.

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