How We Choose The ‘Book of the Week’

How do we choose the ‘Book of the Week’? This is definitely the question we get asked most often and it is one well worth answering.

Firstly, we exclude books by already well established authors. While, for example, Joe Haldeman’s ‘The Forever War’ may very well be the best book we featured in the newsletter that week, Mr. Haldeman probably doesn’t need much help in shifting books.

Secondly, the answer is ‘no’. The question? Is the ‘Book of the Week’ a paid for placement type of deal?

So, no – it’s not. The ‘Book of the Week’ is genuinely the best book we read that week, as determined by our team. It’s totally subjective and amounts to nothing more than we liked Book A better than Books B, C, D and E.

That means you, our growing and fantastic subscribers, can be certain that the ‘Book of the Week’ is a 100% honest opinion. So, now you know.



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