Jan 19 – Jan 26 Book of the Week: Marine Cadet

Military Science Fiction that is more than just battles set in Space is what makes this week’s ‘Book of the Week’ stand apart from others in that genre.

marine-cadet-cover MARINE CADET: HUMAN LEGION 1

By: Tim C. Taylor


2565 A.D. Five centuries ago, Earth sold a million children into slavery, the price of protection from the regional superpower. One group of slaves was bio-engineered to fight for alien officers as the Human Marine Corps.

To most aliens, the Corps is a joke: plasma fodder so stupid that they go off to die actually believing they are genuine warriors.

Arun McEwan is eager to start his new life as a Marine Cadet. Three more years of drills, combat exercises and brainwashing and he could qualify. The alternative is death.

When Arun forges an unlikely friendship with an alien scribe, he crashes into a world of treachery and conspiracy. How can he possibly survive when every day brings a new threat?

But survive he must because his alien allies show him glimpses of his destiny — a vision of a better future only he can forge.

Our View:

Character driven military Sci Fi that is more than just set-piece battle after set-piece battle (though there’s plenty of those.)

With a style that is more Haldeman than Heinlein, Taylor brings a hard Science Fiction approach to the genre. Plenty of technical detail and scientific research makes ‘Marine Cadet’ a debut that will have wide appeal.

Oh, and the sequel – Indigo Squad – is rather good, too.

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