Jan 27 – Feb 2 Book of the Week: White Seed

It’s always exciting to find a new author with a fresh take on some of the classic themes of Science Fiction. Kenneth Marshall’s debut ‘White Seed’ is, therefore, a Book of the Week that will make even the most jaded Science Fiction fan sit up and take notice.



By: Kenneth Marshall


Three thousand years ago, the seeds arrived from Earth on hundreds of worlds. The developed ones formed the Network, connected only by radio and laser. Since the time of the seeds, nothing but information has traveled between the stars. Now a starship, The Child of Ambition, is changing that. Her first mission: to explore the dark worlds, the ones that failed to develop.

Pilot Kali Hakoian thought landing on Keto would be routine. This, the emptiest seed world, hides the oldest human ruins. Her crew of scientists: a dreamer, a believer, and a retired assassin. Their hypothesis? Self-termination of the seed base.

When an act of sabotage strands her in the path of a superstorm, she’s forced to escape with the man she trusts the least. They may never find out what happened to the settlers — unless it happens to them. Can she trust her crew enough to find a way out of the darkness?

Our View:

Terraforming, Transhumanism, Space Opera and elements of classic Science Fiction are all present and very much correct in ‘White Seed’.

Reminiscent of Kim Stanley Robinson (especially his ‘2312’) and Poul Anderson, this is a confident debut from a new writer completely immersed in the best of the genre.

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