Jan 3 – Jan 10 Book of the Week: Cold Trap

Combining hard Science Fiction with a strong storyline is not the easiest of tasks – one usually overwhelms the other. Not so in our current Book of the Week: Jon Waskan’s ‘Cold Trap’.



By: Jon Waskan


Sej Nharavi has mysteriously disappeared from the Unity lunar outpost. Unity’s original designer, Og Rowley, is sent to investigate but he isn’t sure quite why NASA have sent him or why he has a minder from the Keppel Corporation looking over his shoulder.

Nearby, the gears spin on a secret device, setting in motion a chain reaction that could avert a civilization-ending cataclysm. Known only to a select few, the machine must be protected at all costs.

But, watching from the shadows, a brilliant sociopath has his own plans for the future of mankind.

Our View:

Waskan treats his readers with intelligence and his combination of Hard Science Fiction and thriller-like plotting brings both Kim Stanley Robinson and Poul Anderson readily to mind.

It comes as no surprise that the author is a Doctor of Neuroscience, who has published on the topics of artificial intelligence and computational modeling.


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