Jun 1 – Jun 8 Book of the Week: Blocks

Our current Book of the Week – ‘Blocks’ by Tara Basi – is already a candidate for our 2015 Book of the Year.


By: Tara Basi


After a century long absence the dysfunctional crew of a prototype spaceship return to a verdant Earth to find the cities deserted and mankind missing. Thirteen gargantuan monoliths, each one occupying an area larger than Tokyo and standing taller than Everest, are the only clues to the fate of humanity. The enigmatic ebony structures, the Blocks, squat silently on the surface of the world seemingly without purpose or meaning.

A few half-savage children struggle for survival in the shadow of the silent brooding Blocks knowing they cannot escape their attention for much longer.

Searching for answers the crew and the children each find their way inside one huge monolith to discover that its’ secrets are far more bizarre and horrific than they ever imagined.

Our View:

Weird, compelling and disturbing – ‘Blocks’ is already a candidate for our Book of the Year.

This is Science Fiction that compares well with Philip K. Dick and Stanislaw Lem. It’s that good.




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