Nov 13 – Nov 20 Book of the Week: The Vintages

The sequel to last year’s Book of the Year is a well-deserved Book of the Week.

the-vintagesTHE VINTAGES

By: Andrei Cherascu


Ten years after the doomed mission to Carthan, a terrible disease is turning human Mindguards into a threat to society. The Enforcement Unit, the ruthless, peace-keeping arm of the Interstellar Federation of Common Origin, has outlawed their activity and is keeping them under strict surveillance.

Forty-seven prototech Mindguards who call themselves the Vintages have fled to the Hando Desert and seized control of the territory’s thoughtenhancing drug trade. Under the leadership of the mysterious Jaycen Nemeth, the Vintages are rapidly becoming a danger to the IFCO, bringing them into direct conflict with the Enforcers. As Nemeth’s influence grows among the Desert Dwellers, the prospect of a new Mindwar threatens the future of mankind.

Our View:

Cherascu’s universe is a place where indescribable power is a curse, not a blessing. It is somewhere where survival rarely turns into salvation.

And yet, in ‘The Vintages’, there are glimmers of hope. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel that suggests not all the Mindguards will end up like Winston Smith in ‘1984’ or Alex in ‘The Clockwork Orange’.

The ‘Vintages’ is grown-up science fiction for the thinking man or woman. You’ll love it.




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