Nov 14 – 20 Book Of The Week: Damaged Good

It’s about time we had a Cyberpunk ‘Book of the Week’. J.E Mac’s ‘Damaged Good’ is that book – Cyberpunk thrills from the cover to the very last line.

damaged-good DAMAGED GOOD
By: J.E Mac


In a Dystopian near-future Los Angeles, Celia – a six year old child replacement – gets caught up in an assassination attempt on the Mayor.

The prime suspect is the former partner of Detective Jack Cutter, a man not known for his tolerance of androids.

In pursuit of the assassin – an individual Cutter cannnot remember – and obliged to team up with Celia, he uncovers a far more sinister scheme which threatens the lives of all Angelenos. The only way to stop it lies in the head of a childish android.

Our View:

Flawed heroes, character quirks and a little black humor all make ‘Damaged Good’ stand out from what could have a been a typical, if well-written, Cyberpunk detective story.

Definitely good, and certainly not damaged.

Book Type: Cyberpunk, Technothriller

$0.99/£0.99 (can change at any time)



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