Nov 21 – 27 Book Of The Week: Lamikorda

This week’s Book of the Week is the kind of Science Fiction epic you didn’t think people wrote anymore. You’ll be glad they do, though.

By: D.R. Merrill

lamikorda-cover Summary:

The peace and prosperity of the Alplai is disrupted by the arrival of a massive alien vessel, carrying over a million colonists in cryogenic stasis from a devastated world.

Ganak, new Commissioner for Space Exploration, successfully proposes that the Terai be allowed to settle in the Eastern Sector of the planet Totrana. The avian-descended Alplai work with this strange mammalian species to help them build a new home.

However, when a new disease erupts on Totrana, the aliens are quickly blamed.

Despite their contributions, the Terai face discrimination and harassment. How far can Ganak use his influence to help, and what leaders will emerge amongst them as they strive to build a new life?

Our View:

Fans of ‘Dune’, Dan Simmons ‘Hyperion’ or Vernor Vinge at his most expansive are going love the widescreen, richly described world Merrill has created.

Even the cover makes it look like one of those lost Science Fiction classics you always meant to read. Truly epic.

Book Type: Science Fiction, First Contact




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