Nov 6 – Nov 13 Book of the Week: Rath’s Deception

A Cyberpunk thriller from a New York Times Bestseller is this week’s Book of the Week. A deserved choice.

raths-deceptionRATH’s DECEPTION
By: Piers Platt


On the cut-throat streets of Tarkis, orphaned teens like Rath end up jailed … or dead. So when the shadowy Janus Group offers Rath a chance to earn riches beyond his wildest dreams, he seizes it. But the Janus Group is as ruthless as the elite assassins it controls.

Rath will have to survive their grueling, off-world training, and fulfill all fifty kills in his contract before a single cent comes his way. And ending so many lives comes with a price Rath can’t anticipate. It’ll certainly cost him what’s left of his innocence. It may well cost him his life.

Our View:

Character driven cyberpunk with assassins, conspiracies, insidious corporations, genetic engineering and murder. What’s not to like? A page turner.




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