Oct 23 – Oct 29 Book Of The Week: 3 Futures

As an introduction to the worlds (yes, plural) of Peter McQueeny, his debut offering of three short-ish stories, ‘3 Futures’ will definitely do the trick. A strong new voice in Science Fiction and a thoroughly deserved ‘Book of the Week’.

By: Peter McQueeny

3-futures Summary:

Three imaginative, far-reaching Science Fiction tales from an exciting new writer.

‘Upon the Summit of the City’:

A mysterious relic from the past forces Arkat Rowland Hawkes to confront his fear of sleep and transforms his understanding of the Universe.

‘Hidden Deeds’:

A case of demonic possession for Father Jim Frankenstein – Space Priest – turns into something far more terrifying and far-reaching.

‘Walker, The Prophet’:

Among the ruins of humanity’s past civilization, a tribal elder tells his granddaughter the story of Walker, the man who was touched by Gods, and who led his people to salvation.

Our View:

There’s a great thrill in finding a new Science Fiction author who you just know is destinated for bigger things. Peter McQueeny has all the tools to be that kind of writer. Reading ‘3 Futures’ will tell you why.

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