Sep 18-24 Book Of The Week: Odette Speex

So, our first book of the week was chosen by the staff from the stuff that went out in the newsletter over the past week.

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I digress. Our Book of the Week is rather fun – and compelling – Steampunk novel: Odette Speex by Padgett Lively. While there were some excellent releases last week, this one wins out as it just had the right feel to combat that ‘Fall is Here’ malaise.

Odette Speex: Time Traitors 1
by: Padgett Lively


Odette Speex – Ballerina, Rebel, Hero – struggles to survive in an America where the Revolution never happened. Discovering that the world she inhabits should never have existed, she travels back in time to 18th Century London.

Her aim: to prevent the murder of an important diplomat and reset the correct timeline.

Success would mean averting the rise of a fellowship that has distorted reality to advance its own ambitions.

Our View:

Sparky characters and a well-wrought mix of classic Steampunk and Time Travel elements make this a crisp, fresh and compelling first novel.

Book Type: Steampunk
CURRENT DEAL PRICE: $1.25/£0.77 (can change at any time)



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