The 2014 Books of the Year

boty-2014 2014 is at an end. It feels like only 365 days since it started. In the world of Science Fiction, it may not have been a vintage year for the traditionally published – although William Gibson’s ‘The Peripheral’, Annie Leckie and John Scalzi all released quality work – but there was plenty to enjoy in the independent sector.

So here we celebrate the best Science Fiction books of 2014 featured in the newsletter.

clockwork-2Our round up of 2014’s best Science Fiction novels starts with the utterly insane Steampunk of Wol-vriey’s ‘The Clockwork Goddess’.

Featuring Alice (of Wonderland fame) as an assassin/hooker who is thrown into a conflict between the Queendoms in an America still ruled by Queen Victoria, we described it as “Clockwork Orange meets Lewis Carroll”.

You can get it for Kindle at Amazon

It had been a long, long time since we’d come across a new writer with a traditional approach to Science Fiction, where world building, alien cultures and languages were essential to the story.  That’s why D. R Merrill’s ‘Lamikorda’ made such an impression.

This is old skool Sci Fi in the Frank Herbert or Vernor Vinge style and all the better for it. Again, it’s available exclusively at Amazon for Kindle.

damaged-good-2In Cyberpunk-land, J.E Mac’s ‘Damaged Good’ – about an android-hating detective forced into protecting a A.I child – is every bit as good as the cover suggests.

This excellent slice of character driven Cyberpunk is available to purchase over at Amazon.

Now, for our top three best Science Fiction books of 2014.

We’ll start with Mark Barek’s fresh look at robotics and artificial intelligence – ‘Mind Engine’. This combination of hard Science Fiction and technothriller showcased some brilliant writing and is more than worth your time. Begin your new year with this one by getting it at Amazon.

ambassador-2Secondly – creeping in at the last minute – is ‘Ambassador 1: Seeing Red’ by Patty Jansen. Concerning cultural tensions between the Nations of Earth and the alien gamra following the assassination of the Earth President, this is timely stuff. Polished and confident work that will keep both the hard Science Fiction readers and the rest of us content. You can pick this up at Amazon or head over to Barnes and Noble for a Nook/ePub version.

Our top Sci Fi novel for 2014, however, is Andrei Cherascu’s ‘Mindguard’.  With plotting reminiscent of Greg Bear and characters whose motivations are all in question, this book about an illegal mission to transport an information package contained in the mind of a young woman is both unique and satisfying.  Get it today for Kindle at Amazon.


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