Why (Some) Bloggers Won’t Review Self-Published Sci-Fi

I think every independent and self-published Science Fiction author will agree on one thing: it’s hard out there! There are, quite literally, hundreds of new books being published every day. Making yours rise above the masses is not a ‘follow-these-five-easy-steps’ process, despite what some would have you believe.

bouncerIt’s even more difficult when some of the top Speculative Fiction, SF and Fantasy blogs out there point blank refuse to review anything that is self-published. No exceptions.

After all, if the best blogs won’t even take a look at your beautifully crafted masterwork, then what chance do you have?

The thing is: I can understand why blogs like FantasyBookCafe (and I’m not picking on them, I mention this site only because it’s a good site and y’all should read it) have a ‘No Self-Published’ Policy.

It’s mainly because time is limited and if you’ve got 12 traditionally published books to review in a week, you’re not going to have time to look at anything else. It’s also because – let’s be honest – a traditionally published author has gone through a certain level of hoop jumping, editing and similar work before they get to the book on the shelf stage.

That, of course, doesn’t mean the quality of work is necessarily better than a self-published author. Frequently, it doesn’t. But it does mean that even before a book has got as far as the reviewer, it has definitely been proofed, edited, tightened up and is grammatically correct. When time is short, that does mean a lot.

The shame is that blogs with this policy are definitely missing out on some of the most creative and interesting Science Fiction out there. Hopefully, we at will be doing our bit to put some truly great self-published work in front of bloggers who might otherwise dismiss it. More than that, self-published authors can only do their utmost to get their books out there and build a fanbase in other ways. And, heck, once the independent author has sold 100,000 books, I can guarantee that no one will be ignoring their next work.


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